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Dreaming of a New Kitchen?

by Bouey Termite Service, Inc. on 09/06/12

Maybe you’ve lived in your house for the past 25 years or maybe you just purchased a home with a dreadfully outdated kitchen, in either case you may be dreaming of a kitchen more fitting of the 21st century and we can help!

Where to even begin?  We want to help you achieve your goals in improving your living space.  So, what are your goals?  So many clients know they want a new kitchen but have no idea how to  communicate their wants and needs.  Here are some questions to think about:

Do you want a completely different space with knocked down walls and a different layout?  Or do you just want a simple facelift with new cabinets and countertops?

What about upgrading appliances?

Do you need more counter space or cabinet space?

Do you want an industrial kitchen? Something more contemporary? Do you want to stay with the time period of your home such as mid-century modern or Victorian? Do you have a décor theme such as Tuscan or shabby chic?

Do you want to add features such as an island, wine fridge, coffee bar, computer desk, breakfast bar, pantry, etc.

Start clipping and snapping photos!  Look at magazines and your friend’s kitchens anything really can serve as inspiration!  Look at the tile at your favorite restaurant or the cabinets on your kid’s favorite TV show.  Choose kitchen layouts and materials that speak to you, your lifestyle and the rest of your home.  Having books, photos and magazine clippings are the easiest way to get your ideas translated into reality.

Now that you’ve figured out your goals and have your dream kitchen all in mind you need to determine your budget.  Decide how much you can and want to spend.  Remember kitchen remodels generally return 100% of your investment, sometimes more at resale.  But also consider your neighborhood and don’t go too extreme if the neighborhood can’t handle it. 

With all this homework out of the way you’re ready to call us for a free estimate!  We are looking forward to turning your dream kitchen into reality!  916-733-0520.


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