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by Bouey Termite Service, Inc. on 10/10/12

What is a Termite Report?

The “termite report” is technically called a Wood Destroying Organism (WDO) Report.  This is a legal document which can only be generated by a company licensed in the Branch III category of structural pest control.  Each report is registered with the Structural Pest Control Board, a division of the California State Department of Consumer Affairs.

The report is composed of FINDINGS and RECOMMENDATIONS noted during the performance of a WDO inspection.  For real estate purposes these reports are generally separated into three (3) sections:

SECTION I pertains to active infestations or infections of wood destroying organisms such as termites, wood boring beetles, carpenter ants or carpenter bees, and fungus infections and damages caused by these organisms.

SECTION II pertains to unsound conditions that may lead to infestation or infection resulting from items such as excessive moisture, faulty grade levels, earth to wood contact, etc.

The third section is described as Unknown/Further inspection and refers to areas where physical inspection was not possible due to a variety of reasons including storage areas above first story roof lines, sub areas with inadequate clearance or insulation. 

The findings will have corresponding recommendations for correction.  While the findings for a particular structure should be the same by various termite companies, the recommendations may vary from company to company. 


What a Termite Report is NOT

A termite report is NOT required by law for the sale or purchase of real property in the state of California.  Buyers, lenders and prudent real estate agents may require a report as a condition of the sales transaction. 

Termite reports are NOT Home Inspection Reports.  The operating conditions of the electrical, plumbing, heating/cooling systems, appliances, swimming pools/spas are not pertinent to the termite report except in cases where the malfunction of these items has or may lead to infestations, infection or damage related to wood destroying organisms. 

Termite reports do NOT refer to toxic molds or mildew except that most company’s reports will disclaim knowledge of the presence or absence of molds and mildew, as the detection and determination of these items is outside the scope of licensing for structural pest control companies.

The termite report is NOT a general pest report.  The presence of rodents, insects or lack of sanitation will not be reflected in the report, except where their presence has or may lead to wood destroying infestations or infections.

In Conclusion

The termite is a valuable tool for real estate professionals, lenders and buyers.  The information in these reports can make or break the deal.  When you’re ready to order your inspection please call us to set up a convenient time for your needs.  We look forward to serving you in this process.  916-733-0520. 


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